The ʿAyn al-Naẓar – A minimal computing edition

A while ago, Walter Young and I published our digital edition of the Kitāb ʿAyn al-Naẓar fī ʿIlm al-Jadal by Shams al-Dīn al-Samarqandī (d. 722/1322). We also published the source code that powers it, but without much explanation. I was since asked to describe how we approached the edition, especially since Arabic and non-LTR scripts are a bit of a challenge. Here, I’ll basically only document what I explained via email.

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A new publishing workflow for Entangled Religions

As part of our push towards Open Access publishing, CERES created the online journal Entangled Religions. It is a peer-reviewed platinum Open Access journal with a focus on religious contact. It started as a simple OJS journal, with a lot of manual editing and typesetting (in Adobe InDesign). In the end, there was just a PDF download for the articles.

For some time now, we wanted to update both the editorial process and the reading experience. The first step towards that goal was the migration to OJS 3 and a new design. However, the editorial process remained the same. We have larger plans for the future, but we did not want to stick with our old process for so long, so we decided to implement some changes that were possible within the current framework. As a result, we’re now introducing a new editorial workflow and typesetting process.

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