A Belter’s Life

What’s the motivation for this new blog? In my role as digital humanities coordinator, my work is often quite pragmatic: I help colleagues identify suitable digital methods and tools for their work, I teach digital methods, and I try to build networks for exchange on digital methods in the humanities. And while I also do research which results in published papers, much of my work is below the threshold of academic publishing.

Nevertheless, I feel that I am missing a venue where I can publish random thoughts, practical solutions I came across, or inform about my ongoing work. We did have a blog for the SeNeReKo project, and I am active in the |Marginalia blog. In contrast to those, this blog will serve as a spot for irregular posts not strictly related to any one project, but to my work as a whole.

The title and the theme of the blog draw from the SciFi series “The Expanse”. Not only do I like it personally, also plays Ceres, the dwarf planet located in the asteroid belt, a major role. This combination of science fiction and a celestial object that shares a name with our Center for Religious Studies seemed like a good fit.

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